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Which Character From StarDust are You?

Hello and Welcome to stardust_rate, a stamping community to see which character from Stardust you are most like.

Like all rating communities there are rules...and here they are.

1. A big one is ALL applications must be behind an LJ cut. Don't know how to do one...HERE
2. Don't be rude to members in the community. And you have to be over 13 to post.
3. Don't try for a certain character.
4. Please do actually try and take time to read someone's application. And don't just sheep vote.
5. You will be stamped after 6 votes. If you recieve a tie you will be stamped as both the characters.
6. Please do be honest with your application. The most you put into your answers the easier it is for us to stamp you. :D
7. Bold your votes please. Makes it easier for stamping.
8. To show that you have read these rules, you have to put "magical flying MORON!" in your subject line
9. And most importantly: Have Fun!


Characters you can be stamped as. More are being added
Captin Shakespeare
The Pirates
Ditchwater Sal
The Princes of stormhold
The King of Stormhold
The Witches
The Guard at the Wall
Ferdy the Fence

Stamps made by the Fantastic piyo_halliwell!!
Stamps can be viewed HERE

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